HPHT & CVD Diamond

Diamonds that were manufactured in a lab, rather than mined from the earth. These are not knockoffs, they are not Cubic Zircon,they are not Crystals. They are Diamonds Chemically identical to their earth counterparts.So declared, The Federal Trade Commission this summer 2018, except they cost about 40% less than Mined Diamonds.

What is CVD diamond. .

CVD diamonds(Chemical vapor deposition ) is a methord can be used to produce a synthetic diamond by creating the circumstances, necessary for carbon atoms in a gas to settle on a substrate in crystalline form,it’s really green diamond .

Our CVD diamond is single crystal diamond are pure, flawless, type IIa diamond.

Our customers are our driving force, which means that we are personal and our CVD diamond are tailor-made. These are our key values.

HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) diamonds

The HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Diamonds mimics the way diamonds are produced naturally deep inside the Earth’s crust. Special machines are used to build up the pressure of almost 60,000 atmospheres and temperatures of 2,500 degrees Celsius to start with the growth of HPHT diamonds. Special growth cells which contain elements needed for growing a diamond like highly refined graphite and a catalyst mixture consisting of metals and powders are planted into the HPHT chamber where consistent temperature increases up to 1,300 Degrees Celsius and more than 50,000 atmospheres of pressure is applied. The catalyst inside the cells transforms the cells from solid to molten form.

Within a few days and after a few conditions are met, the cooling process begins. This takes a few days and allows the carbon atoms to build on the atom seed. The cell is removed from the HPHT machine only when it is deemed to be sure that the growth cycle has been completed.

We are producer and wholesaler: Lab-Grown Diamond, Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamonds, HPHT Diamond.



Post time: Apr-03-2020