GIGAJEWE Moissanite 1ct 5.5mm+2X3.5mm Round Cut Yellow Color 925 Silver Ring Gold Multi-layer Plated

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Mainstone Size: 5.5mm
Setting Type: Prong Setting
Withsidestones: ZirconX23Pieces
Ring Material: 925 Silver Multi-layer Platinum Plated
Total Weight: 4.6g (Approximation)

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0.6ct Moissanite
F Color
Round Cut
Note: there is a slight error in manual measurement
The round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, Due to the mechanics of its shape,The round diamond is generally superior to fancy diamond shapes at the proper reflection of light, maximizing potential brightness.

GIGAJEWE has advanced raw material production technology and diamond cutting equipment, fashionable jewelry designers and excellent jewelry craftsmen. Unlike other mechanical cutting manufacturers, we insist on manual cutting to ensure that every product is the most dazzling and perfect.

100% Passed The Diamond Test

Paper and cloth packaging,
light and environmentally friendly

Moissanite has a specific gravity of 3.22 and a Diamond of 3.52. According to the standard cut of round Diamonds, when the diameter is 6.5mm, the Diamond generally weighs 200mg (1ct),The Moissanite which weighs only 160mg (0.9ct).

Moissanite produced according to the standard Diamond size, the indicated weight is the standard weight of the corresponding Diamond, for reference only, this is not its true weight, the actual weight of all Moissanite is less than the indicated weight, that is, 88%-90% by indicated weight.



The waist of each stone produced by GIGAJEWE will be laser-engraved with a unique serial number, with a detailed BIA certificate to support online inquiry.
Its perfect shape is very suitable for making precious metal jewelry, which is worthy of your collection and appreciation.

In 1904, Dr. Henri Moissan discovered this mineral in the crater of Arizona, a material from outer space that has almost the same hardness and brilliance as the diamonds produced by nature in the earth.
Today, we have been able to use high-tech to create this splendid gem. to allow more people to obtain the eternal and sparkling gems that are no longer costly.
We produce the most complete colorless and various colors of synthetic diamonds CDV, HPHT and Moissanite, and are set in various types of jewelry.

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